China’s Clean & Green Future

China’s Clean & Green Future


With a rapid rate of urbanization fueled by an ever-booming population, China has to develop strong national commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. China has got to dream big and act fast on the adoption of Green Buildings.


China is currently the largest Green Building and Construction market in the world. Controversially,  China is also one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases alongside with India. As such, the Chinese government has taken calculated measures and implemented a goal of achieving 50% of commercial building certification by 2020.

The United States had a first mover advantage over China in Green Buildings and Developments. In 2005, Green Buildings account for a mere 2% of commercial construction in the US. Today, Green Buildings account for up to 50% of all commercial construction in the United States. A similar trend was observed in China in the past decade but at an impressive adoption rate of green building rating systems. 

Today, China has superseded America by more than 1 billion square feet of certified green building space. What essentially took the United States 20 years to achieve, China did it in a decade. If China remains congruent with her goal of achieving 50% of all commercial buildings to be certified by 2020, China will represent 50% of the world’s green building floor space by 2020.  

Dr Qui Baoxing, president of the Chinese Society for Urban Studies and former vice minister of the China Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development, has been one of China’s earliest and strongest visionaries for green building. He states that Green buildings must embrace the ‘Human Spirit”. 

Perhaps by embracing the benefits of health and wellness brought about by the adoption of Green Building and Sustainability this giant of the east will be able to steer clear from smog-filled cities and create happier and healthier cities.


WIK - Shenzhen, China 



GreenA Consultants was commissioned to assist WIK’s Shenzhen facility targets for LEED Gold for Existing Buildings. After reviewing the Mechanical and Electrical Systems for compliance with LEED for Existing Building – Operations, and Maintenance (EBOM), a guidance report for modification was produced for the facility. GreenA Consultants facilitated all existing site policies, procurement and reports highlighting essential improvement works to enable WIK to achieve either LEED Silver or Gold Certification.

Certifying an existing building can be tricky, especially with the common contention of perceived prohibitive costs. However, continued mainstreaming of green building, complemented by green finance engineering has helped bridge the gap.

GreenA Consultants facilitated WIK in updating their site management policy, developing an environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) policy, a facility maintenance and renovation policy and make changes to the procurement of cleaning products. WIK will also installed water meters for all buildings to monitor water usages, commenced ducting works to its exteriors to increase thermal efficiency, and develop a phase-out plan for the use of ozone-depleting R-22 refrigerant. 




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