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• Green Material Advisory








Buildings are large entities and as such they consume a substantial amount of construction materials. Due to substantial amount of material required, the use of non-sustainable materials in the construction process have a serious and reverberating impact on the environment , economy and social well-being.

Green Material Advisory

Here at GreenA Consultants we provide Green Material Advisory to assist you in understanding the implications of  green material and make efficient use of these materials. Green Material Advisory helps mitigate the risk of short-term gain in expense of long-term loss. 

Benefits of using Green Materials

  • •Overall Cost Savings
  • •Reduce Emission Taxes
  • •Reduce lifetime operating & maintenance cost
  • •High return on investment (ROI)
  • •Government grants & incentives  
  • •Sustainable & Efficient
  • •Improve air and water quality (low VOCs)
  • •Protect biodiversity and ecosystem
  • •Minimize waste & environmental impact


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