• Daylight Reflectance Analysis

• Daylight Reflectance Analysis

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It’s no industry secret that daylighting is a magic ingredient in architecture. Daylight imbues static building with a sense of time and dynamism. 

Today, architects are empowered with a new generation of daylighting analysis tools enabling them to further explore the boundaries of daylighting making daylight an important implication for design.

Daylight analysis

Daylight reflectance analysis is the measurement of the percentage of daylight light that is reflected off a given material surface as diffuse and specular light. Different materials exhibit different reflectance behaviours which is influenced by 1.)The properties of the material 2.) Angle of incident light 3.) Wave length of the light source. 

Daylight reflectance analysis is conducted on the envelope/facade of the building and roofing materials. 

Benefits outcomes of Daylight reflectance analysis includes:

  • •Thermal comfort
  • •Luminous efficacy
  • •Reduce electric lightings
  • •Improve energy efficiency 
  • •Improve colour rendering
  • •Improve well being of occupants
  • •Control solar heat gain

In Singapore’s context, it is prohibited to use building materials with daylight reflectance exceeding 20% on all external surfaces.

For more info on Singapore’s regulation: Click Here

We provide daylight reflectance analysis to prevent potential disamenity or possible infringement as a result of excessive daylight being reflected off a building. 

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