Danone AP HQ

Danone AP HQ


Danone: Alimentation Revolution for a Sustainable Planet

Greening The Entire Value Chain – Danone adopts holistic approach towards sustainability and its new office in Singapore targets for Green Mark Platinium (Office Interior)

Food and Beverages is their business and to bring healthier food to as many people as possible is their mission. With a business directly linked to nature and agriculture, Danone understands first-hand how sustainability and climate change play a critical role in natural cycles of water, soils, biodiversity and the eco-system.

 Since 2007, under its direct responsibility scope of carbon footprint, Danone has managed to reduce its carbon emissions by almost half (46%). They continually work hard to co-build solutions with their farmers and suppliers.

Danone’s Singapore Office

When it comes down to the office design, at least 50% of the existing building’s finishing for walls, flooring and ceiling is conserved.  The selection of materials was given special attention, with the use of SGBC/SGLS certified product, carpet, paints, raised-floor, partition board, laminates and timber flooring. 

To ensure the well-being of Danone’s employees, a post-occupancy evaluation will take place followed by a corrective action plan. Benchmarked against conventional designs, Danone’s Singapore Office will consume 50% less water and 30% less energy. 

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