La Maison Verte

La Maison Verte


A Sustainable and Passive Design Approach 

The La Mason Verte was planned around the existing building on site. The building is divided into 3 towers, separated by green terraces that not only allow daylight and wind movement in the corridors, but also serves as communal spaces for leisure activities, meeting areas, and relaxation points. 

The voids also add to the porosity of the building allowing wind movement through the open spaces and daylight into the corridors, keeping the microclimate cool.  

The building façade will have screens and vertical greenery which reduces direct solar gain and keep the interior spaces cool and thermally comfortable. The exterior surfaces will have solar reflective paints that will reflect the radiation and help in mitigating the urban heat island effect. Extensive greenery in the project will aid in the health and wellbeing of the users and promote the Human-Nature interaction for a healthier, cooler and energy-efficient environment.

Other sustainable design features include: 

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