Lubowa Mixed Development

Lubowa Mixed Development


UGANDA- The Lubowa Housing Project (LHP) in Wakiso District is conceptualized as a self-sustaining mixed-use housing development which will comprise of 2,741 residential units. 


The project is intended as a phased development with construction starting with an initial phase of approximately 300 housing units during the first year. The development is envisaged to be serviced by various amenities such as commercial, retail and health centers as well as schools and community leisure amenities. 


The proposed 10 types of residential buildings for the project consist of bungalows, double storied houses, townhouses and apartment buildings each with two to three varied designs capturing amenities expected by the potential clientele for each group. All planned residential typologies will form part of medium and low-density individual and gated communities.


According to the World Health Organization, cities will hold 70% of the world’s population by 2050.  As current cities expand and new ones crop up, it’s important for local leaders, urban planners, and citizens to examine what works. Compact car-light cites spur economic growth, social cohesion, and quality of life. To ensure optimal sustainability efforts to be implemented, the development will be measured against  a set of criterion.


Mixed Use Developments works against these trends to create inclusive, connected communities. Understanding site planning, energy and water consumption patterns, materials use, indoor air quality, transportation energy use in a building can illuminate many opportunities for improvement. 

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