PAssion WAve

PAssion WAve


SINGAPORE- Cultivating serenity through the picturesque landscapes and views of the Marina Bay skyline from the Bay East Gardens, enthusiasts can now kayak or dragon boat amidst the Marina Reservoir. With teeming greenery and designed for an air of relaxed elegance, this 4000sq.m facility is built with minimal intrusion of forestry.


•As an environmentally sensitive alternative to storm sewers, a preliminary swale is constructed to not only redirect wateraway from sensitive areas, but to also effectively remove suspended solids through filtration and sedimentation, thus improving water quality. Local wild grass and flower species could be planted alongside the swale to continue welcoming a variation of life.

Green Roof 

•Transforming grainy, bare monotonous concrete surfaces into green vegetated roof systems creates relief and a natural view. Green roofs absorb, evaporate, infiltrate rain water as wella s reduces heat transfer; thus expanding the usefulness of the building.

Rainwater Harvesting Water Savings

•The conceptualization of rainwater harvesting helps irrigate building plants as part of water conservation efforts. Combined with the installation of water saving fittings and solutions, the facility is able to cut back water usage by an estimation of 50%.

Energy Savings

•The embodiment energy concepts reduces the consumption by 30%. This is achieved with the installation of T5 LED lighting, optimization of daylighting and natural ventilation and the installation of high quality reflective glass that ensures good thermal insulation.

Creating healthier spaces for the people whilst showing commitment for the conservation of the Earth will amass huge benefits for everyone. Visual and environmental diversity is for all to enjoy and let’s not deprive future generations of such entitlements.

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