PSA Super Low/Zero Energy Admin Building

PSA Super Low/Zero Energy Admin Building

 PSA Super Low/Zero Energy* Admin Building 

GreenA is the ESD and Green Building Innovation Cluster (GBIC) consultant for this project and is helping facilitate the following: 

  • Green Mark Platinum
  • Green Mark Net Zero / SLEB Energy
  • Green Mark Healthy Building

Key Features: 

The Administrative Building will be the first major building and the first Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) to be completed in Tuas Port and is projected to achieve energy savings of 58% over the baseline building design.

This translates to an Energy Utilisation Index (EUI) of 98kWh/m²/year compared to the baseline EUI of 235Wh/m²/year. With PSA’s plans to incorporate rooftop PVs for the entire Tuas Maintenance Base which will generate electricity of 2,795 MWh/year, the energy consumption of the Tuas Maintenance Base would be offset by renewable energies, making it a Net Zero Energy development.


Building Integrated Photo-Voltaics (BIPV) 11 Free from any shade, the Administrative Building is ideal for the installation of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules in place of regular cladding in the northern, southern and western façades of the building without adding redundant layers. BIPV is one of the promising renewable energy technologies, and its use in parts of a building envelope such as the roof, skylights and facades will generate a sustainable PV power.

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