Singapore’s second largest Child Care Centre surrounded by Nature

Singapore – With a build up are of 3, 600 sqm, the two-storey campus will have 4 times as compared to an average childcare centre. The School4Kidz at Sengkang Riverside Park is the 2nd largest facility and 14th centre since its inception in 2014. The facility is located in the lush Sengkang Riverside Park, a constructed wetland with the Punggol Riverside Park which is home to plenty of aqua and fauna.

The Unique Architectural concept of the campus resonates deeply on the co-existence nature and education. The building seamlessly integrates into the surrounding environment resembling a gentle hill in the park. The design carries much resemblance to a cocoon signifying a space that a truly nurturing.

On the aspects of sustainable building design, an Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (EETV) for the facility was calculated for the purpose of energy conservation. The calculations enable for the campus design to be able to achieve adequate insulation that reduces heat gain thus greatly reducing the energy consumption of air-conditioning.  


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