What is the simple definition of sustainability?

According to Investopedia, it is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is composed of 3 main pillars: economy viability, environment protection and social equity. Sustainability is the balancing of these three elements and if any one of these elements is placed as more important than the other, then the whole system will be unsustainable.

To think deeply about sustainability requires one to see the world as a collection of interconnected systems.

At present times, do you think these three elements are balanced? We are already feeling the effects of climate change right now.

Have you ever imagined what the world will look like in 2050? How would climate change would have affected our everyday lives –where we live, the foods we eat, how we earn a living, how would the climate have affected our health? 

Sustainability and sustainable development is such a broad inexhaustible topic, so let’s narrow it down – starting with the sustainable built environment industry in Singapore.

Key players in the industry include developers, construction companies, engineers, architects, green material suppliers, renewable energy innovators and manufactures, environment sustainable design consultants, government agencies, certification bodies, policy makers, and the various NGOs.

By 2030, Singapore will have 80% of its building stocks certified green. It’s a race towards smart spaces, energy and water efficient buildings and, homes within the heart of lush greenery. The result – a nation that becomes a lead example in green building for the tropics.

Ever since the inception of the Green Mark Scheme in 2005, Singapore’s sustainable development has grown from strength to strength, bringing its influence to green building movements everywhere. Sustainability has become one of the nation’s hallmarks.

But oftentimes, the traditional culture of competition in Singapore is still strongly embedded, even in the sustainability industry. And in order to continue our growth in leaps and bounds, companies need to break down traditional barriers of competition to look at each other for support. Companies need to channel out instincts of competing domestically and think of ways to achieve regional

impact. Instead of competing, companies should be open and collaborating. And only then can we achieve the true meaning of sustainability. 

GreenA Consultants is always looking for partners and organizations to team up with to achieve various sustainability goals. If you think our organization could be a great fit for future collaborations, drop us an email to 

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