Tropical Design and Sustainability in Singapore 2017

Tropical Design and Sustainability in Singapore 2017











This event is part of the Singapore Green Building Week Line up: 

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We’re back! And you’ve taken note of all the feedback we’ve received from this event last year and have included a one or three day option for you. Roll up your sleeves, because we’ve packed a great deal of tropical design and sustainability resources for you to harvest. For the full brochure, please drop an email to

*Translations in French and Spanish available upon request for this event. 


3 Day-Option (11th -13th September 2017) 

11th September: Full Day Sustainability Tour *(Also available as a one day option) 

 The Sustainability Tour will cover the following places: 

marina barrage 

Marina Barrage

Built across the mouth of Marina Channel, Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. With a catchment area of 10,000 hectares, or one-sixth the size of Singapore, Marina catchment is the island’s largest and most urbanised catchment. The Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG) is an information and sensory exhibition showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.


BCA skylab

Rotatable laboratory for the Tropics

Visit to the world’s first high-rise rotatable laboratory for the tropics, developed in collaboration with California’s Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory. Built on the rooftop of a six-storey building at the BCA Academy, the BCA Skylab is constructed on a rotatable platform to enable tests to be carried out at any orientation to the sun and wind. The Zero Energy building is a critical test-bedding facility, the 4,500 m2 building produces enough energy to power the building.


new water

NEWater Visitor Centre

The concept of Singapore’s NEWater is simple, yet revolutionary: recycled water. NEWater is treated used water which has been collected and purified through state-of-the-art membrane technologies. The NEWater Visitor Centre marries advanced technology with a carefully crafted public education strategy to build awareness of the rapidly emerging need to manage our water resources in a more sustainable manner. 


URA city gallery

URA ( Urban Redevelopment Authority)

First opened in 1999, the Singapore City Gallery tells the story of Singapore’s physical and sustainable  transformation over the past 50 years. Interactive and experiential exhibition of Singapore Sustainable master plan. 


hdb gallery

HDB Gallery (Singapore Public Housing Gallery)

Visit the HDB Gallery and share a slice of Singapore’s public housing story through the multi-sensory and self-exploratory exhibits. For more than 50 years, HDB has been building quality and affordable homes for Singaporeans.  Discover Singapore’s Public Housing Story: From Slums to vibrant towns. 


12th September: Full Day Pass to the International Green Building Conference 2017, held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. 


marina bay sands


13th September: Special Intensive Technical Workshop:

AM: An inside look at the  local initiatives to drive Singapore’s construction industry towards more environment-friendly buildings. How Singapore is promoting sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders when they start project conceptualisation and


PM: Technical Workshop (Topics Covered)

  • Green  Architecture and Design
  • Effective Artificial and Day Lighting Study
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Construction  Environmental Management
  • Water Efficient Design
  • Energy and Water Consumption Index
  • Green Plot Ratio and Sustainable Materials and Resources
  • Green Building Finance  


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