The Team

The Team


Farizan d’Avezac de Moran, Senior Partner

Farizan was the first woman to be conferred the Green Advocate Award by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore in 2015. She has over 25 years of experience in the architectural and building industry and leads her team at GreenA.

Trained in both strategic and technical consulting, Farizan was the Green Knowledge Partner for the Channel News Asia Green Luminary Awards from 2013-2017. She also served the UN-Habitat as Technical Energy Consultant from 2013 – 2017.


Omar Elrawy, Team Lead (Energy and Sustainability) 

Omar’s experience is multidisciplinary, with 10 years of experience in green buildings’ practice as well as research and academia.  

In practice; Omar incorporates projects’ design and construction teams, as well as facility management to achieve up-to-standard green buildings; through leading the Integrative Design Process (IDP), and providing enhanced Building Commissioning (BCx). Omar’s in-depth experience is with office buildings, throughout the building process timeline; since the project’s schematic design phase till building operation. Omar also establishes, develop, and fully document the whole-building’s detailed energy model, conduct energy Measurement and Verification (M&V) on buildings, and conduct Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE).


Gaurav Kumar, ESD Consultant (Design Lead) 

Gaurav is our resident architect and sustainability consultant.

Gaurav specializes in Building a 3-D Model from occupied space, generate spatial daylight autonomy, calculate the compliance ratio against regular occupied space, simulate heat built-up temperature, and the overall analysis of the Total Performance of the building using Grasshopper, Rhino DIVA, and BIM HVAC software.

Gaurav harnesses his ingenuity and creativity to allow for high-impact cost-effective environmental design.  His designs focus on energy efficiency, daylighting,  passive and active design solutions, green building design strategies, and their analysis to achieve total building performance. 


Arnel Cruz, ESD Consultant (Mechanical Engineering Lead)

Arnel has over 28 years of experience in mechanical and design engineering and is a veteran in the industry.

Arnel leads the mechanical and technical direction for GreenA, including building modeling, energy simulation, Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C), energy audit, and advising design teams on MEP system optimization.


Zheng XueHua, ESD Consultant

XueHua is meticulous and with her solid technical background, is in charge of computations and studies during the design stage to ensure compliance with the certification requirements. She also provides cost-effective solutions for our clients and assists in project management. 

Her expertise includes facade thermal performance and optimization as well as building modeling. 


 Yifeng Xu, ESD Consultant 

Yifeng’s professional work highlights include facilitating Green Mark Platinum as well as Zero Energy projects in Singapore as well as the development of an integrated waste management plan for a 22.2 ha housing project in Uganda, with consideration of local requirements. Her role in the project includes going through legislation as well as technology availability, to achieve the first sustainable community recycling management system in the country.


Bhargavi Sudhakar, ESD Consultant 

Gavi is currently involved in  3 Zero Energy projects in Singapore. With a background in mechanical engineering, she works on integrating new innovations and technologies to improve demonstrated total building performance under the government-funded GBIC programme. 


 Shaz Johari(Accounts and Admin)

Shaz is a whizz with numbers and keeps a keen eye on the company’s project accounts. Level headed and highly dependable, she supports the critical back-end support and is our go-to person if anything crops up, ensuring day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible! 



A thank you note for past team members

 Our success at GreenA is the result of the accumulated effort from both past and present team members and we’d like to thank our past team members for bringing their best work to the table. 

All of them entered as colleagues and left as friends. We’re grateful to have had to the opportunity to work with these great talents of the industry and wish them all the best for their future endeavors! 



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