The Team

The Team


Farizan d’Avezac de Moran, Senior Partner

After more than 18 years of experience in the building engineering and architecture industry, Farizan made her move into the green building consultancy after realizing the gap between business and sustainability in the South East Asian market. She leads the team at GreenA and has an outstanding project portfolio managing local and international projects. 

Farizan is a certified Green Mark Professional, LEED consultant, and is GRI trained. In 2015, she won the BCA- SGBC Green Advocate Award. 


Huang YiMin, Technical Director

Yimin is your to-go-to person when it comes to energy efficiency optimization for buildings and districts. Throughout the years, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in feasibility studies project management, MEP system design and optimization for large-scale buildings. 

Yimin oversees all the projects and provides technical support to ensure that proposed designs comply with applicable Singapore and international standards. 


Iqbal Khalilullah, Technical Director 

Iqbal is a certified LEED AP, Green Star Associate (Australia), Greenship Associate (Indonesia), GBI Facilitator, and LED Lighting Accredited professional with an MSc in Water and Environmental Management from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). 


Before joining the workforce as an ESD professional, Iqbal spent 4 years with the French and Spanish Red Cross as Project Officer. The 2004 Tsunami which hit West Aceh was the tipping point to the start of his humanitarian work. 


Iqbal brings valuable expertise to our projects in South East Asia. Key projects include Google, HP, IKEA, Doha International Airport, Hard Rock Hotel as well as Westin. Iqbal is also the country director for our office in Jakarta. 



Zheng XueHua, ESD Consultant

XueHua is meticulous and with her solid technical background, is in charge of computations and studies during the design stage to ensure compliance with the certification requirements. She also provides cost-effective solutions for our clients and assists in project management. 

Her expertise includes facade thermal performance and optimization as well as building modeling. 



 Haziqah Saini, ESD Consultant 

Haziqah was an intern GreenA and once she graduated from Loughborough University in the UK, with a BSc in Architectural Engineering and Design, joins us full-time. Haziqah has working experience in both Singapore and Brunei, working for both engineering and architecture firms. 

Her strong passion for sustainability and deep understanding in building design has proved to be a great asset for GreenA. Fluid in her capabilities, Haziqah is also well versed in research projects at the firm. 



Cheryl Dai, Sustainability Solutions Advisor 

Cheryl is a natural communicator and plays an integral part in helping our clients meet their business goals using an environmentally friendly, socially and economically sustainable approach. Her creativity and ability to match needs with solutions while managing risks, calculating budgets, as well as costs, help clients achieve the best possible outcome for their projects. 



 Shaz Johari(Accounts and Admin)

Shaz is a whizz with numbers and keeps a keen eye on the company’s project accounts. Level headed and highly dependable, she supports the critical back-end support and is our go-to person if anything crops up, ensuring day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible! 



A thank you note for past team members

 Our success at GreenA is the result of the accumulated effort from both past and present team members and we’d like to thank our past team members for bringing their best work to the table. 

All of them entered as colleagues and left as friends. We’re grateful to have had to the opportunity to work with these great talents of the industry and wish them all the best for their future endeavors! 



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