About GreenA Consultants



GreenA Consultants is a Sustainability Consultancy firm established in 2009. We are headquartered in Singapore with projects in Asia and Africa. 

GreenA Consultants provides value in achieving your sustainability goals.
We provide solutions in the areas of Green Reporting, Certification,
Environmental Studies, Protocol Development, and Environmental Audits.

In 2021, GreenA Consultants signed up to be one of the few Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators. We will collaborate with the World Green Building Council to ramp up efforts, knowledge building and provide strategic feedback to support organizations to reach Zero Emissions in the region.


We are committed to creating a more sustainable world.


We come in to create sustainable buildings and cities that are made to last. Buildings should be designed, constructed, and maintained as healthy living bodies.

We work with organizations to achieve their sustainability goals; from green building certifications advisory (eg. LEED, ILFI, Green-Mark) to implementing energy-efficient systems and policies to facilitate zero-waste towards a circular model.


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Promoting Economic Diversity:

Through our advocacy for sustainability, we’ve banded cross continental government institutions and like-minded organizations together with the mission of building climate resilience through economic partnership. Since 2014, we have been forming alliances with the shared purpose of sustainable growth through collaborative projects to scale economic diversity.

Our successful collaborations under UN SDG Goal 17 are:

Our Commitment

To the Environment

At GreenA Consultants, we are committed to reducing our negative environmental impacts in both our working operations and our projects. We aim to attain zero-carbon emission for our office and future work. Here are some of our demonstrated commitment towards the environment:

  • GreenA Consultants has endorsed the World Green Building Council’s Call To Action statement for Net Zero Buildings towards total decarbonization of the sector; for people, planet, communities. #ActOnClimate #WGBW2020

  • We are aiming to target zero-carbon emission for our office operations and ongoing projects.

  • We have also taken the “Pledge for a better Built Environment Workplace” by BCA Singapore

  • Consultancy: we are committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals, including introducing innovative technology into projects.

  • We are signatories to the United Nations Global Impact



At GreenA Consultants, we are committed to advancing the following
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Globally, green buildings should be main-stream and not anomalies. It is not a luxury but a basic requirement for all. This belief needs to be fostered and sustained in both environmental and economic sense for it to gain traction without losing focus on the main race;
preserving the environment.

Farizan d’Avezac de Moran, Founder of GreenA Consultants

Our Culture
We share a love for the environment and strives to create a workplace that excites us. We are constantly on the look out for like minded individuals that share our passion.
Quality of Work

We, individually take ownership of the work we present and strive for excellence. Regardless of job scope, we help each other out, thereby creating a team of highly talented individuals.


We love finding innovative solutions, alternative perspectives and constantly seek self-improvement. You can find us constantly debating on topics ranging from the latest HVAC systems to the trending meme on social media.

Our People

Our people are our greatest strength.

Across 5 locations within Asia and Africa, we work together as one global team to help clients achieve their goals and beyond.

GreenA is made up of extraordinary Consultants, working in a non-hierarchical environment, collaboratively working together to help your company achieve full project potential. 

GreenA Consultants is made up of a diverse and inclusive team a passion for the environment. We are happy to announce that we have earned the #JUST Label by ILFI, a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations.

If you have a vision, we can get you there.